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About Us

SyncFab offers NPI & OEM parts production procurement for agile supply chain management & parts pedigree with digital thread compliance & blockchain cybersecurity.


SyncFab Tour of Scandic Springs
SyncFab Business Development for Machine Logics of San Leandro
SyncFab Tour of Halus with SLCC
Made in San Leandro at the SLCC!!!
SyncFab Energy Resources Tour
East Bay Manufacturing Association
SyncFab San Leandro by Design Presentation with SLCC
SyncFab meeting with San Leandro Mayor Cutter Jalisco Reception
SyncFab Applied Fusion Tour with SLCC
SyncFab San Leandro STiR Kickoff 2017
SyncFab General Foundries Tour with SLCC
SyncFab Koffler Electric Tour with SLCC

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